A Spiritual Question

Victor Eaves
3 min readDec 18, 2021
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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why we do what we do? What wakes us up every morning? What motivates us to start our day? What makes us want to go to work, to relax, to celebrate with friends and family, or even what makes us want to get our primal fix? I mean, everything we do has to have a reason, right? If not, why do it?

Consider the very moment that made you feel alive. When was the last time you felt joy? When was the last time you felt good? When was the last time you felt excited? Was it when you received a paycheck after a long financial drought and you were facing a form of eviction? Was it when you had a bite to eat after a long day of fasting? Was it when you spent the night with your partner after being weeks apart from one another? What about a weekend at the bar with friends, drinks, and weed to party high after a long work week?

What if I told you that all of these things are connected? I want you to really think deeply, in an abstract way, about why you do what you do. Too often, we don’t ponder this type of question because we’re too busy with what we think is the real world, but the world that we think is real is only temporary. Don’t believe me? Visit a graveyard. Every second, every moment, every instant is fleeting. The only thing that remains is this drive, this force behind everything. But, what is this drive? What is this motivation that has everybody on a hamster wheel chasing what we believe to be happiness only for us to obtain it for a moment before it’s gone and how can we get it back, only this time, to make it last forever?

This, my friends, is a spirituality question. Spirituality is not some new trend or hashtag that hipsters are now gravitating toward for social points as some local fear-mongering ministers will have you believe. It’s the reality behind the world we’ve been asleep to this entire time. Spirituality is the awakening from the matrix and seeing the world — as if for the first time — surrounded by Light.

But, what is this Light? My brothers and sisters, this Light is the ultimate reality, which has been hidden behind a veil. It is the spiritual nourishment that has been behind our drive, motivation, desires, and happiness this entire time. But, how do we obtain this Light? This, my friends, is the right question to consider.

I’ll invite you to subscribe to my series in exploring a Jewish mystic text on the Torah, called ‘Kabbalah.’ It is my goal to raise more questions than answers. I do not wish to come across as one with answers. I am merely an eager student who wishes to share my research with all who are interested in exploring it with me.

In Kabbalah, I intend to reference scriptures, texts, Rabbis, and life experiences. I hope you find my findings as enlightening as I have found them to be for myself.





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