5 Ways To Upgrade Your “Who I Am”

Victor Eaves
8 min readJun 7, 2022

“Who are you?” someone once asked you and you told them your name. More often than often, if that is stripped away, you are left stumped on how to respond.

At birth, our names are given to us by our parents. After a period of time, we take on the expectations and characteristics of our family, culture, and society. There will come a time when we reach an age of maturity when we will have to redefine ourselves in this world and can no longer look to the past for guidance.

Eckhart Tolle once wrote in his book, “The Power of Now,” it’s our emotional memory that gives life to our past, and our hopes and dreams that give us an idea of the future, but in reality, there is only “now.”

“Who are you?”

On the deepest level, we are both nothing and everything simultaneously. On the carnal level, we are a combination of our flesh, habits, beliefs, and education. Despite our upbringing, we all have the capacity to achieve greatness. Any excuse, otherwise, limits us from our true potential.

In our modern world, we live for upgrades in our electronics, homes, and other forms of external items to compensate for our outdated system of ourselves.

In this article, I will be presenting 5 Ways to Upgrade our “Who I Am” for a high-quality life for better health, wellness, and spiritual bliss.1. Upgrade Your Body

1. Upgrade Your Body

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Yes, yes, this is cliche, but it’s worth noting in case it’s been forgotten. Our bodies are organic technology for the soul that is designed for movement. In this day in age with our Uber Eats, Netflix, Online Gaming, and rising gas prices, we are finding more reasons to stay inside and fewer reasons to go out. As a result, we are sitting around the house in the same spot, scrolling away on our cellphones into the endless void of social media.

“But, Victor, I have a gym at the house!”

While this might be true, odds are you’re not using it. Don’t get defensive, objectively count how many times this week that you actually used it. If the answer is zero, you need to get a gym membership and get into the gym.

We are creatures of habit, and when we’ve made a habit of sitting around all day in the house, the house is what we’re going to subconsciously associate as a place of relaxation, increasing the likelihood of discontinuing your fitness journey, even for the most determined of minds. Not only this, but odds are if you’re consistent then you’re going to outgrow your set. Why not make it easy on yourself and go to the gym and be inspired by the people around you who are also on their fitness journey.

“Okay, Vic, but how does exercise upgrade my life?”

You’re going to feel better about yourself, look better, and this will bring more confidence to your day-to-day life. Excercise for a better quality of living experience.

2. Upgrade Your Diet

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Anyone who really does fitness understands that exercise is only the appetizer to the full course meal as what we eat determines the meat and potatoes of our physical and mental transformation.

What’s the use of exercising if you’re going to eat a full cheesecake after? From the biggest among us to the smallest, dieting is a crucial part of our fitness journey.

There is a saying that goes, “you are what you eat.” Sugar, for example, is known to give us a temporary high before the inevitable low. There is a practice of removing sugar from the diet and finding results of better skin, more energy, and a positive change in long-term mood after 30 days.

The Documentary, “What the Health,” advocates how the heavy consumption of meat not only negatively impacts the environment, but processed meat (as we know it today) impacts our bodies in ways that downgrade our overall performance, and mental health, and wellness.

There is a theory, both modern and ancient, that everything is energy and that energy transfers from one form to another. One of the ways energy is transferred is through our diet. If there is stress in the making of, said, cheeseburger then stress in some form will be experienced by its consumer.

Whether right or wrong, dieting is an important component in the order of upgrading who we are.

3. Upgrade Your Library

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In this age of audiobooks, kindles, and video essays, there’s just something about sitting down to turn the pages of a good book. However, let’s not limit ourselves to this form of learning. This is only mentioned because the book limits our distractions to only the content itself whereas the other forms of usage, aside from Kindle, have multiple usages.

As mentioned earlier in the exercise section, we are creatures of habit so if we’re on our phones for social media, this can easily become what we associate and reach for our phones to do, thus decreasing our likelihood of focusing on the purpose of learning and not consuming.

Audiobooks are great forms of learning and allow for multiple tasks to be done at once. Video essays do a great job at providing visuals and theater to increase engagement. Books, however, will always be the traditional way to go when it comes to learning something new with minimum distractions.

With all these various forms of learning, there is little excuse not to expand our horizons every single day.

There was once this story of two woodcutters chopping down trees in the woods. One day, one woodcutter decided that it would be easier to take out two hours of his day to sharpen his blade before getting back to work while the other thought that was just a waste of time. By the end of each day, however, the woodcutter with the sharper blade was able to cut down twice as many trees as the one who didn’t and twice as fast.

Be the woodcutter that sharpens his blade. Learn as much as possible down the path of your choice and discover newer ways to bring your upgraded self to the field.

4. Upgrade Your Habits

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We are creatures of habit and we can measure the trajectory of our future by the habits that we hold right now.

There is a powerful book out that is titled, “Atomic Habits.” This is a breakdown, more detailed version of what is presented here. To summarize, we all have versions of ourselves where we unconsciously slip into a role to perform a set task without realizing it.

For example, when we get home from work, we might immediately kick off our shoes and slip into something comfortable, crash on the couch, turn on the TV, and order takeout.

This, alone, isn’t inherently bad. But, if we’re working on improving our diet, and exercise, and want to learn something new to improve our current situation in life it might be considered bad because it doesn’t move us forward on our journey.

It is said that it takes us 21 days to break a habit and 29 days to create new neural pathways in our brain to formulate a new habit.

One of the ways the book suggests kicking the bad habit is by, essentially, treating our homes like compartments in our brains. Having designated areas to read, work, and even be “proactively lazy” by making it easy to continue good habits by preparing meals, gym outfits, and books ahead of time so that it is less easy to avoid.

The opposite goes for bad habits by making it difficult to do, such as unplugging the TV after each use. By imagining and remembering the bad feeling after binging a bowl of ice cream. By saying having a gym buddy holds you accountable for your workouts.

We are not defined by our goals, but by our habits that help us achieve those goals. Our habits are our lifestyle and help us be consistent with our upgraded lifestyle long after the goal had been accomplished.

5. Upgrade Your Belief

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“Who are you?” someone once asked you and you told them your name. Once that is stripped away, you are left only with your belief.

“It’s all in your head.”

The little train was only able to make it over the hill because it chugged, “I think I can, I think I can.”

When Moses spoke to the spirit of the burning bush and asked for its name, it responded with, “I AM that I AM.”

We are human beings defined by what we’re doing and what we’re doing comes from our unconscious state of mind.

“Let the weak man say that I Am strong!” — Neville Goddard

Before we upgrade our exercise, diet, libraries, and habits, we should upgrade our state of mind. We must already believe that we are it before we physically see that change.

If we constantly tell ourselves that we can’t do it, we won’t. If we tell ourselves that we are a victim of our past, then we will be. Sooner or later we will find the confirmation bias that provides proof for our reasoning. We might find ourselves around like-minded people that are perfectly satisfied with a miserable life they’re addicted to complaining about.

Many of us, no matter how successful we might appear, hold a belief that is working against us until we decide to no longer play the victim and would rather play the role of the creator of our life and tap into our own “I Am” consciousness.

There are many ways we can upgrade our belief system, and one of the more popular ones is through affirmations. This is a sort of light hypnotism to affirm to ourselves who we really are and not where we currently are.

This has been Victor Eaves bringing you “5 Ways To Upgrade Your “Who I Am”

Thanks for reading.



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